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Trinity United Reformed Church
Harberts Road, Harlow, CM19 4EU
Church office: Church Secretary - 01279 434333 -

All services usually held on church premises are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

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Minister with Pastoral Charge

Reverend Kathryn Taylor
Tel: 01920 463125

Hall Hire — Tel: 01279 863765 — We have a large hall with side rooms (3 rooms in total).

We are a local congregation of the United Reformed Church (URC). We share our minister, Revd Kathryn Taylor with 3 sister churches: Leaside LEP, Roydon URC, and David Livingstone URC.

Parking available: We have a small car park next to the church building, and the local residential areas are permit free on Sundays.
If you are attending a function at the church Monday-Saturday you may not be able to park on site.

Sunday Worship

11.15 am — Morning Worship
Sunday School and creche available every Sunday. All of our Sunday School leaders are CRB checked.

  • Our weekly worship is 11.15 am every Sunday. Holy Communion is celebrated monthly.
  • We enjoy a fairly free and informal approach to worship, but we aim to offer worship that is dignified and which is characterised by a sense of joy and thankfulness.
  • Sometimes, the Minister of our Church or another Minister from our group of churches will lead worship. At other times, a Lay Preacher or Accredited Worship Leader will be the leader. Other members of the congregation take part in various ways and all are encouraged to use their gifts for the glory of God..
  • Refreshments are served after the service.
  • All are welcome.

Our Mission Statement

This Fellowship is called by God to encourage and inspire one another to work together, to support one another in love, fellowship and leadership through a Christ-centred life. Thus enabling each other to witness their faith in:

Proclaiming the good news of the kingdom
To witness, teach and nurture new believers
To respond to human need by loving service

Additionally the Fellowship is called by God to use their spiritual, financial and material resources to further the Christian witness both in the local community as well as in the wider world.

The United Reformed Church

Who is the United Reformed Church? We are a family of Christians, worshipping in the name of Jesus in about 1500 local churches from Orkney to Cornwall.

  • 'Reformed' means that we delight in the Bible, we do not fear change, and we try to run our churches in ways that take everyone's insight and contribution seriously.
  • 'United' is an important part of our story. We started when English Presbyterians merged with English and Welsh Congregationalists in 1972. Churches of Christ joined in 1981 and Scottish Congregationalists in 2000. We still work as closely as we can with Christians of all traditions and styles.
  • And we are one 'Church'. We aim to grow through supporting one another and taking decisions together.

All our tasks and posts are open to women as fully as to men. We are an intercultural church, where people with varied ethnic roots enrich each other's Christian living. Our people hold a range of opinions about theology and church life. In the words of the denominations Statement of Nature, Faith and Order (1990) together we are firmly committed to 'God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The living God, the only God, ever to be praised.'

Find out more, by exploring the URC website, or (even better) by coming to meet us and worshipping with us.

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