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President and Vice President

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have reminded people of the central Easter message of hope, passion and joy in the midst of despair. The Vice-President's...

Tim Carter

Tim Carter has been appointed to the post of Connexional Safeguarding Adviser to the Methodist Church.Tim has been involved in the safeguarding work of the Methodist Church for a number of years...

conference 2015

The 2015 Conference met at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre. The pdf document on this page provides an overview of some of the decisions of the Conference You can watch the a of some...

seasons of my soul

In today's society, growing older is often seen as a reason for sadness or regret. But the Church of England and the Methodist Church have published a new resource which urges Christians to...

Leaside Logo

'At the centre of Ware for all the Community'The new development which will link the Church and Hall buildings and bring them to present day standards of decoration and efficiency will...


Why bother with the Bible? Can we trust it? What difference does it make to life today? Navigate is a free resource designed to help teenagers explore these questions and engage with the Bible...

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