Executive & Area Officers

Senior Executive Officers

Olive Hussey (Leaside Church)
Gillian Amphlett (Hertford Methodist Church)

Executive Officers

Wendy Cooper (Leaside Church)
Christine Deacon (North Weald Methodist Church)
Archie Black (Epping URC)

Area Officers

Finance Officer/Treasurer — Chris Errington
Assistant Finance Officer — Michael Beccato-Fischer
Area Safeguarding Officer — Michael Beccato-Fischer
Area Facilitator — Michael Beccato-Fischer

The Area Executive, Area Officers and Ministers meet on a quarterly basis.

BEH District Synod Representative

Senior Executive Officers: Olive Hussey & Gilliam Amphlett
Finance Office/ Treasurer: Chris Errington
Area Facilitator: Michael Beccato-Fischer
Area Meeting Representatives: Christine Ripley & Sue Finney

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