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Keeping each other safe

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Corona Virus Safety Advice

Although regulations have changed, and the current wave of infections is showing signs of easing, infection rates remain high across the United Kingdom. We would therefore encourage the continued use of face coverings in churches, including during singing, as well as maintaining good hand hygiene and appropriate physical distancing.

We fully appreciate the high, and rapidly increasing, costs of heating churches, but we remind you of the importance of good ventilation as well to prevent the build-up of virus particles in the atmosphere.

We know the vast majority of people in our buildings will be fully vaccinated, and that vaccination reduces the seriousness of infection. However, it is abundantly clear that the Omicron variant is still making people ill, even amongst those who are vaccinated.

Please continue to care for yourself and others by taking all reasonable measures to reduce the spread of the virus. If you are infected the symptoms may be minor – they could have a much more serious effect on anyone to whom you inadvertently pass the disease.

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