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URC 50th Anniversary

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The United Reformed Church celebrates its 50th anniversary next year.

No one thought in 1972 that the URC would reach its silver jubilee, let alone golden. It is an unexpected anniversary, but one which we will celebrate next year while giving thanks for the life and work of the Church, past, present and future.

The 50th offers a chance to focus on all that is good in our own story and to reflect on what really matters to us, and it helps us to plan for the future. Marking such a significant milestone also offers us opportunities to connect with ecumenical friends and with the communities we serve.

It is important to mark this jubilee in ways which are accessible, useful and beneficial to as many people as possible across the length and breadth of the denomination's reach. Local churches and synods will mark this jubilee in different ways, which is truly exciting.

With this in mind, the planning group's priority is to organise events and resources which will complement these celebrations to enable everyone to join together in shared experiences and opportunities. So here are some things to watch out for:

Thanksgiving Service

A Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration is being planned for the afternoon of Saturday, 1 October 2022 between 3pm and 5pm, in Methodist Central Hall Westminster, where the Uniting Assembly of the URC took place in October 1972. It is hoped that as many people as possible from across the denomination and beyond will attend. The service will also be live streamed.

Church House Event

Earlier that day, from 10am to 1pm, there will be an Open Church House event at 86 Tavistock Place and surrounding venues, with a range of activities and workshops engaging with the story of our 50 years. These include a People Library, which allows people to volunteer as 'books' so they can interact with 'readers' who have the chance to have conversations with them.

In between Open Church House and the Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration, there will be a Walk from Church House to Methodist Central Hall, following a guide which will point out places and buildings with significance to the URC and the wider Church.

Parliamentary Service

On 21 June 2022, the 50th anniversary of the debate of the United Reformed Church bill in Parliament, we hope a service in the Palace of Westminster will take place. Further details to be released soon.

Resources pack

A free pack of materials for local churches, to encourage and support local celebrations of this milestone, will be sent to all churches later this year and will also be available to download from the URC website, www.urc.org.uk/50.

Worship competition

A worship resources competition will enable people of all ages and abilities from across the denomination to share their creative skills in four categories: traditional hymn/song, contemporary hymn/song, rap, poem. Contributions to this competition will be shared across various media to allow as many people as possible to view, use and benefit from this content, and prizes will be given at next year's General Assembly.


An intergenerational picture book is also being published to open up the URC's story in accessible and engaging ways. It has been illustrated by Mark Beech, a professional book illustrator. This book will be free for all members and friends of the URC, and included in the pack.

Books and other publications for the jubilee include history texts, a book on hymnody and a joint publication with the Congregational Federation in recognition of our shared 50th anniversary. Progress has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly through the restriction of library access, but work continues on these works which are now due for publication at various points throughout 2022.

More information about all of these events and resources will be available from:

Get In Touch

St. Andrew's Methodist Church
The Stow, Harlow
CM20 3AF



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